Hobbeyahs Monster’s Scary Story (children 6-12 but adults like it too)

The original story is by Jacobs and was very bloody and gory.HOBBEYAHS   https://youtu.be/s9tgAHS9wtQ   HIT THIS LINK TO HEAR THE AUTHOR TELL THE STORY.   i HAVE TOLD THIS STORY FOR 27 YEARS IN SOUTHERN INDIANA, WESTERN KENTUCKY, AND SOUTHERN ILLINOIS.   Gary Wittmann has taken that story and weaved his version for the past 20 years as a professional storyteller.   Hobbeyahs are the monsters that lives in the woods and come out when the moon is bright.   They sing and dance around the house trying to scare the family insight but the dog always scares them. Find out what happens to the little girl, the dog, and the Hobbeyahs.   NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY THE BOOK HERE.



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