Paleo Diet Super Food Plan, Bonus Book: How to Lose Weight in a Healthy Way that can CHANGE YOU LIFE IN SMALL STEPS. (Paleo Diet Series)


Paleo Super Food Diet Plan
4 Questions about the Paleo Diet

  1. What are the key concepts of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?
  2. What are the key assumptions of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?
  3. What are the key values of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?
  4. What are the key practices of the Paleo Diet Meal Plan Framework?

10 Benefits of the Paleo Diet 
1. It is easier to meet nutrient goals.
2. You will eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. Elimination of processed foods and refined sugars.
4. Healthier brain
5. Better gut health
6. Increased fiber consumption
7. Increased energy
8. Leaner muscles
9. No counting required
10. Improved blood lipids
What are Superfoods and how they work in the Paleo diet 
10 steps you can take to start eating Paleo
1. Accept the fact that you will have to cook at home and plan accordingly
2. Start integrating Paleo meals into your diet a little bit at a time.
3. Budget for the full Paleo diet
4. Give your kitchen a thorough cleaning out
5. Learn to meal plan
6. Buy organic whenever possible
7. Reconsider where you shop
8. Be prepared for the slump
9. Learn from others
10. Don’t hold yourself to an impossible standard



By Manny on April 29, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

One of the best Paleo Diet Books that I’ve read so far. Well-written and very detailed book. You’ll learn everything you need to know about paleo, what it is, how it works etc. All the recipes I have made are delicious an taste. Would recommend this book to everyone who wants to learn more about paleo!
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

My husband is a follower of Isha Yoga and its principles. I didn’t Paleo diet coincides so much with them. It’s nice to hear more explanation why we are following them. And then there were other extras too. The author has done a lot of homework for this book. The book’s descriptiveness is the proof. These seems to fit in my budget too. The author even prepared a calendar for us. And the recipes are great, although you have to be prepared to do some work in home to eat these. 🙂
on April 16, 2015
One of the best Paleo Diet Books that I’ve read! Gary really knows what he’s talking about and I’m sure that his tips would help me become healthier and fitter!
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