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Second Bonus: Turtle Soup Recipe included in the book.

A story of how he got caught and escape with his wits. The famous, fantastic, fabulous, fast turtle teaches the village a secret turtle soup recipes that makes them faster. This is exciting fast page turning story with great illustration that will have you looking at the details time and time.

Bonus: You can hear the author sing and read the book on itune under the story name. Go to    Fantastic Turtle Audio download for 99 cents or buy the album.


By Renee Bradman on September 18, 2013

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

“Famous, Fantastic, Fabulous, Fast Turtle” is an adorable story about a turtle who is caught and put in a cage only to be cooked in a soup later that day.Fortunately, the very clever turtle not only plays the flute, but is a very good story teller who finds a way to convince the locals to make a different soup which ultimately gives him a chance to escape.The book has lovely drawings and even comes with a real recipe for the soup (in two different portion sizes!). Enjoy!

Price: $.99 ebook $15.00 paperback book.
Author: Gary Wittmann
Available Formats: Kindle and Paperback
Print Length: 45 pages
Publication Date: December 2, 2013
Language: English
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