The coloring book exploded in 2015.  I have made coloring books called 30 Days of Coloring Books for Kids and Adults.


garywittmann_coloringbooks (2)volume one kindle - Copy  You will like this beginning book in the series.

It is time to bring out your imagination, arouse your creativity and find your calm stress full life.

I can remember as a kid coloring at the kitchen table. Let this book take you back to that time.

This book is a wonderful addition to your coloring library collection; and perfect for any age to enjoy.

There are 30 unique illustration (either hand drawn or digitally done) printed per page.

You will find some complex to some simple designs.

You will need sharpened colored pencils or Gel pen or crayons.

I have put several blank pages for putting under the page you are coloring so that it doesn’t bleed into the next illustration.









The second book of the series is for those winter months.