Hello dear friend,
My name is Gary Wittmann, from Jasper, IN. 
After the year of 2016 and spending three months in the hospital and facing months of therapy to relearn to walk after breaking my ankle. 

My medical bills are so high that I know I will have major trouble making the monthly payment even on one hospital bill.

I had so many cards that came all over the world. 
I have been a Special Education Teacher for 33 years and Teacher of the Year in State of Indiana in 2007, Boy Scout leader over 50 years, Dale Carnegie Instructor 10 years, Speech Instrutor for 10 years at local college, a professional storyteller for 25+ years, Award winning recording artist with my brother, Christopher Wittmann, and a Award winning bestseller on several children books in Amazon.  I write children books, cookbooks, (By the way contact me through Go Fund Me asking for the email link which gets you a free cookbook and awesome emails every day for 90 days.)
I also have coloring books and Romance books. 

I wanted to treat my self to the Certified Zentangle Teacher workshop.

I am 63 years old. I do not like to travel and go to new places because it scares me. But like said after this year, I had to take a hard look at myself and live life. 


I have been making 30 Days of Coloring Books for Kids and Adults on Amazon in my name Gary Wittmann. Please check them out and give andhonest review. 
I write children books, coloring books, cookbooks, and some romance books. 

Here is a video of my first coloring book. 

I fell in love with this Zentangle(R)  art with about ten books.  Having so much time off in the hospital I would make and practice the art of Zentangle(R).  Even the activity director ask if I would share with some of the people on Skill Cares floor. 

If you are a person who wants to help me, a $50 donation will get your name in the back of the Zen Heart coloring book. 

If you are Zentangle(R) Teacher/of friend and would love to donate. My heart goes out to you and thanks you. 
I have one coloring book which I called 30 
Days of Coloring Books for Kids and Adult subtitle is Zen Heart.
A donation of $100 dollars will get you an autograph copy which I will send to you personally. You will also get your name in the back of the book. 

No contribution is too small. Each one helps me and if you would share this to your friends on facebook and ask them to contribute and share to their friends. I love to see this go viral. 

If you share the gofundme campaign copy and paste to an email and I will send you a special gift. Go Fund Me will have a way for you to send this copy and paste email to me.



This comes from the Sept 2016 newsletter.Check out http://www.zentangle.com 
Our 2017 Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT)®,
training seminars willbe held at the Providence Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island USA. 

This four day program is taught by the founders, 
Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, 
and is designed to provide a comprehensive 
understanding of the philosophies 
behind the Zentangle Method®,of drawing and how to teach it. 
After seminar you have the understanding, tools and inspiration  necessary to teach the Zentangle Method®,and convey the full Zentangle®,
experience to others. 

As a CZT, you can enjoy continued support and inspiration from all of us at Zentangle Inc. 
You also gain access to experience and friendships 
that abound throughout our global CZT network.

I am encouraging you become a CZT    trainer.


Hear is a video of what a CZT said about the Zentangle®,
–A Conversation with John Carey, CZT  This came from YOUTUBE.  Check it out.  


 Subscribe to Zentangle Youtube with Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of Zentangle®, show how to tangle “mooka.”